We Are The World

Making time and space for the unexpressed voice within. Interior.

Jan. 2, 2016

2016 was a very trying year.

Without getting into the specifics, I’ll save those thoughts for another soon-to-be-released set of blog posts, and will come back to these posts with updates.

This particular blog will be one for words of inspiration, moments of epiphany, food for thought in a journey of awakening.

Our collective awakening, humanity’s collective awakening.

This is one where I will give time and space to the voice of love and nurturing that gets lost in the “everyday-ness” of our lives, a voice which resides in all of us. There truly is a voice of a love that I yearn to give, to have, to hold, to express.

When all the world is silent, this voice of love awakens me in the depths of the night.

After many years of this sleeplessness, I now realize it is the love I believe the world wishes to express – like the whispers of the gentle breeze in the rustling of the leaves of deep forests through which the collective spirit ripples – from which we all too often hide, or simply just tuck away for a great deal of our waking lives.

It is the love which has been all too often drowned out for those ancestors who have come before us, because they  either were not allowed to openly show love in their day and era – or simply knew not how.

And perhaps it is also the innate love which all humans (and mammals) are born with as infants – so capable of reciprocating a love that is nourishment for all, but which is not always forthcoming openly and ideally… why are we all so afraid to express what lies deep in our hearts? This need for love, the most uniform need of all living things?

I truly believe our only purpose for our human existence in the universe, is to love. If you don’t believe me, you will realize it at some point in your life when the time right and you are forced to ponder the state of your existence. And then, once you realize this, why should there be so much hate in the world?

I hope these words will encourage you to find your own time and space to express the utter profoundness of your hidden love as well. Because the journey of our humanity has been a long one; it is now time for new awakening.

We need time to lovingly reflect, rejuvenate, and re-nourish our minds and souls. We long to see a bigger picture – our ancestors before us have always sought a bigger picture.

We are at a pivotal point in human history, in our collective human experience, it is now possible to see where we are all alike, at our most basic human level.

No matter what we look like, no matter the color of our skin,  where  we live, whom or how we worship, whom we love, we all have the same basic human developmental needs, and each of us has a purpose, a reason for our existence.

It is beautiful and it is a miracle, if you will take time to look for it, to nourish it, to believe in it and that it resides in you, if you will let it. It is healing.

And what the world needs now is healing.

I hope to hear from people of other like minds as well, and your own healing.

With this, I leave you a video that I wish I’d seen to herald in the New Year, reminding us of a time inspired by hope … “We Are the World.

It is one of those moments in our collective history where you can behold this consciousness awakening on a mass scale.


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