When All the World is Silent


I hear the whisper
of the unheard

the drops of tears
of the unbathed

the raw gnawing
of the unfed

the eyes
blinking wide open
sight unseen

The gasping
of cold
in afterbirth
and predation

The holes
of souls
into oblivion

The echoes
of their woes

from a flat earth
around the globe

In utter search

For Something

In search
by foot
in search

by boatboat
in search
by air

in search
to the heavens
and the depths
of hell

in search
of god
and redemption
and holy wars


And yet,
the deepest darkest
from the womb
of mankind

a shaking of
the psyche

from Out of Africa
y-chromosome Adam
mitochondrial-DNA Eve
from spoken tongueso-when-did-anthropocene-begin-facebook
from fossilized tools
from griots’ parables
and holy books
Torah, Bible and Koran

the Tree of Knowledgebaobab
in the four rivers
of the Garden of Eden
of the Blue Nile
and the White Nile
of Mesopotamia
and the Euphrates
and Tigris
and WMDs
and false WMDs
of fossil fuel wars
and glacial melting
snow in the desert
earthquakes in farmland
record heat, rain, snow
tornadoes, hurricanes

an intelligent design
of physics
and theology
to test the god-child
seeking superiority
to god denying
intelligent design

only to find
the nature of the nuclear bomb
and the inverse of the
black hole
creating a universe
in an instant
of singularity

We Awoke

to find the white man
is born of the black man

and we are all
global family
with basic human
developmental needs

on one planet
our home
in an infinite

an indestructible
energy that
flows through
all matter


fills the
hole in my soul

no longer crushing
all matter
at the center
of the galaxy

our final test
is not tyrants
who would despoil

our lives
but whether
we reclaim
the miracle
that is life

One People
One Earth
One Love

– Anna Manzo ©2017



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